20th April - 1.19.1 is is here!

The High Council of Arder has sent out bounty liaiasons requesting your help bringing peace to the lands. These are repeatable quests for xp and Tokens of Heroism. Additionally their are now 30+ more achievements for you to obtain, good luck getting them all. Also gem prices have been reduced!

3rd April - New patcher released!

We have released a patcher along with our client so we can now finally patch in new content thanks to Torax! To kick things off we have introduced a new Token of Heroism vendor Walmar, and a new token called the Remnant of Heroism. Remnants are fragments of Tokens and drop from all mobs starting in late Helmstead they can be traded in for tokens or used to buy gear from the remnant vendor Savalot. Remnant gear quests unlock at lvl30 so be sure to save them up!

13th January - Divine Dimension Released!

A peculiar portal that leads to a domain beyond the cosmos has eerily emerged deep within Santum Mire! Gather together with other adventurers to take on the god-like beings that dwell there and prove your might to everyone!

9th April - Celestial Citadel 10 Released!

Everyone can now delve deeper into the citadel to take on further foes! Gather together with other adventurers again to take on more menacing monsters that dwell there and stop them from invading Arder too!

30th January - Celestial Citadel 5 Released!

A peculiar portal that to leads to the cosmos has eerily emerged deep within Styzzy Wastes! Gather together with other adventurers to take on the menacing monsters that dwell there and stop them from invading Arder!

28th July - Immortals Released!

Immortals are powerful guild raid instances where guilds will compete with other guilds to see who can do the most damage. Immortals will last 2 weeks at a time, after which the top performing guilds get rewarded with some of the most powerful loot in the game... including the actual Crowns of Power!

15th July - Departed Terrace Released!

The entrance to the Departed Terrace can be found in the Scorching Sands and will require a key to access. This is a high level dungeon designed for max level characters that consists of group and raid content. Many powerful items, armor, weapons and artifacts can be found in this new dungeon and should prove to be quite a challenge!

4th June - Planes of Nature Released!

This is the next tier raid zone after Cloister Prime, so gather your friends and see if you have what it takes to take down the raid bosses in the Planes of Nature!

4th May - Scorching Sands Released!

This zone is designed for levels 45+ and has several new rare mobs, quests, armor, weapons, artifacts, spell runes and raid content! Whether you like to solo and do some quests; get a group and take on some more challenging content or organize a raid to take down bosses!

30th April - Crowns of Power is Back!

Welcome to the Crowns Of Power official website. We are currently in the process of rebuilding CoP from the outdated Torque game engine to the updated Unreal Game engine.

We have the old Torque client available for download and play, as we are looking for insight and advice on things that can be done along the way; whilst we continue to develop this game from where it left off years ago. We have the forums on this website up, so feel free to make an account and chime in. We also have a DISCORD channel where you can chat with the community and/or ask questions about the game.

Thanks for your continued support!

26th August - Alpha Testing Over

Anyone who checks out the forums and Discord knows that over the past 2 weeks, Crowns of Power has come back! It was only alpha testing, but it just felt right. It was a blast being in Arder again, but for now all good things must come to an end... as better things are on the horizon! Our alpha test has come to a close and was a huge success! Now that alpha is over, we will be down until we fix all of the bugs we've identified thanks to the testers. In the days to come, look for the announcement on the details of beta, as well as the launch of our Kickstarter! Thank you EVERYONE for your awesome support!

See you in Arder!

4th April - Crowns of Power is Back!

We have officially purchased Crowns of Power. This is the first major step in bringing this game back to life. This isn't just a remake... this IS the Crowns of Power we all know and love. We look forward to seeing you all in Arder as soon as possible!

Thanks for your support!

5th March - Crowns of Power Reborn!

So not long ago, a few of you decided to make a Crowns of Power Facebook group chat. Almost a 100 strong later... here we are, contemplating bringing this game back in all of its former glory! It's simply AMAZING how many of us there are after all this time. Who knows what becomes of all this, but it looks like we're all in for the ride, that much is certain.

Great to see you all!