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8/17/2008 - Beta Has Officially Ended.

After a long successful open beta test, we are packaging the game for its first live release. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped out in Beta. As a reminder, all beta characters have been wiped. We will be awarding special prizes to active beta testers at the start of the live game. Check back soon for news on when we go live with our first real game world, Synge.

We look forward to seeing you in game!

3/31/2008 - Beta Client Now Available For Download:

The Public Beta Client is now available for download here.

Once you've downloaded the client, you can install it and sign into the beta using your Rampid Gaming login information. If you have any problems and are unable to sign into the beta, please make a post in the Crowns of Power forums under the Bugs & Glitches section of the beta forums and we'll try to address the issue as quickly as possible. Any updates will be done through a patcher that loads when you launch the client.

We're very excited for this public beta test and hope that all of you are as well. We look forward to seeing you all in the game!

Thanks for your support,
Crowns of Power Team

3/25/2008 - Public Beta Has Arrived!

I know that people have been anxiously awaiting a release date for the Public Beta of Crowns of Power. Well that wait is finally over and it is my pleasure to announce that well be releasing Crowns of Power in a live, public beta on Monday, March 31st.

Weve been working long and hard on this 3D project and are very excited to be able to share it with all of you, our players. Although not a final product, we feel its at the point where we can allow large amounts of testers into the world while continuing development and fixing any issues that will arise. Crowns of Power will never be a final product, as we plan to continuously add new content, items, spells and more throughout the life of the game, much of which will be driven by player feedback and contributions in the forums.

Were counting on the testers to give us feedback throughout the testing process. This input from our users will be critical in helping create the best possible environment for our players to immerse themselves in. Well be looking for any bugs, glitches, performance, balance, and game play issues as well as any suggestions or feedback that you can share with us. Any feedback at all that you can share is valuable and much appreciated.

Well have the client available for download via the Downloads section of the website. Well bring the servers up live for people to login and begin playing sometime that Monday. Weve never stressed the servers to this capacity, however we feel were ready for the volume of users that will be participating. Any issues that arise will be dealt with in as quick a manner as possible and any updates will be done via a patch updater.

For the many people who participated in the previous Crowns of Power tests and posted in the forums, Ill be awarding unique forum titles so that you may be recognized for your contributions. Your interest and feedback in this project has been instrumental in helping us prepare it for this date and were sincerely grateful for your efforts.

We look forward to seeing you all in the public beta test and hope that youre as excited as we are!

See you in the game,
Crowns of Power Team

1/21/2008 - Official Public Beta Test:

Well its been awhile since our last update, but I'm excited to give this next one and I hope that everyone feels the same! We have recently launched in an office test of the entire Crowns of Power game world which turned out to be a success. We've tweaking some final problems we ran into, as well as other random bugs that needed to be squashed in preparation for the official Public Beta of Crowns of Power! This project has been in development for some time, and we greatly appreciate all the support and interest that many of you have shared in it over the last 2 years. Everything is finally coming together to the point where we feel we're ready to release a full public beta test of the entire game world. Within the next few weeks we'll be launching the public beta live and have a client available for download on the site, as well as a link to the download in a newsletter we'll be sending out to anyone who has applied for the beta. This is going to be a full open beta and all that is required to participate is a Rampid Gaming account, which can be created at www.rampidgaming.com. Once the beta has run long enough where we feel comfortable that we've tackled any bugs and issues that arise, Crowns of Power will then be taken out of beta and officially released!

Also as a heads up, the Crowns of Power forums have been merged into the Rampid Gaming Forums. From the Rampid Gaming forums, you'll have access to Outwar and Crowns of Power discussion, as well as any future products released by Rampid Interactive. So head on over and start posting! We look forward to seeing everyone in the public beta of Crowns of Power, and thank you again for your patience and continued support in Rampid Interactive's first 3D Title!

9/06/2007 - PvP Open Beta:

We've recently launched a PvP Open Beta that anyone can join in and participate using your Rampid Gaming login and password. If you do not have a Rampid Gaming account, you can create one at www.rampidgaming.com. The Crowns of Power beta client is available in downloads . Keep in mind that this is purely a PvP test to balance the base spell schools in the game, as well as stress test the servers. The test will take place in a Capture the Flag environment, where players can capture flags to earn money to purchase upgraded equipment at their team vendor. Check out the Crowns of Power Forums for additional information on the test and also to post any bugs, suggestions or feedback you have with the game! Thanks for your continued support and participation in this project, we look forward to seeing you in the test!

5/25/2007 - New screenshots up:

We have added some new screenshots of the upcoming zone Wastes of Zul in the gallery. Many more screenshots will be uploaded to the site in the coming days so check back to see all the cool new spell effects and other additions we've made. We'll be sending emails out when beta is up and running again, but we'll still be giving updates on the site hopefully on a more regular basis. Testers can look forward to 2 new zones, 2 new dungeons, and a revamped skill system among many other things.

Crowns of Power was created and devloped by Rampid Interactive.

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